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A bet a day keeps the doctor away.  Steady profits, steady gains.

Make what you want to make and don’t even worry about it.  How about the fastest cashouts in the industry right here at Magyq Sportsbook and Casino.

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We offer blackjack and other table games like roulette and craps.

Poker Tables

Find poker and hop in the action where you see fit.  Table selection always key.


Only the softest lines and highest limits

keep customers coming back for more.

Best In The Industry

Never let go of Magyq Sportsbook and we never let go of you.


Visual representation of regular sports, esports is the future of gaming.

Most Betting Lines

The best betting lines in the industry leave you with no other choice than to join Magyq today.

Magyq Sportsbook changes the casino game forever.

Poker Game In Progress

Gather around the table no cheaters we’ve got poker in the mix.  Strap up your boots and shuffle up and deal, it’s on.

Casino Games Offered

From baccarat to three-card poker, to roulette and craps.  Slot machines galore and video poker.

Esports Wagering

Almost exclusively here you can find the best games to bet online.

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Helping people reclaim their time


Satisfaction in our product.


Games to bet on per day.


More saved over 100 bets compared to other books.

Make big bets (or small) today.

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